All in Dwarfism

A Miracle that Needed a Miracle

It was January 10, 2018 and we were about to let out one of our biggest secrets yet… Jeremy and I were 11 weeks pregnant! However, if you haven’t been following us for very long, Jeremy and I both have achondroplasia, a genetic condition that causes the most common form of dwarfism. When Jeremy and I wanted to conceive, we knew there would be some risks we’d have to face and some 50-25-25 statistics.

Dwarfism: A Mistake?

I approach this topic with caution. It’s one that’s near and dear to my heart, it’s sensitive for many, it’s complex, and it’s probably theological. So with that, I bow my humble head, to say that this is merely from my personal experience, and I’m not speaking for anyone else, other than myself. I’m also not claiming that I am right, that you are wrong, nor that we have to completely understand the complex nature of the Creator of the Universe

Do's & Don'ts

It’s on my heart to end October and start November with some practical ways to love me vs. hurt me, the do’s and the don’ts. Most people have the best intentions. They want to love well and they mean the best, but sometimes the things they do or don’t do, can create a lot of hurt unknowingly, so this is my attempt to clear up any uncertainty. 

Real Life.

Dwarfism Awareness Month may turn into a season, because it’s not about educating for only a month… it’s about educating wherever you go, every month, and treating people the way you want to be treated. This post is about being real, raw, and giving a glimpse into what real life is sometimes like, without all of the sugary toppings. 


Living in a world made for the average 5-6 foot person, adaptations need to be made to do even the most basic things. Although after 27 years of adaptations, they don’t really feel like adaptations to me anymore. They’re just my everyday life, things that I don’t even notice, until someone else comes into my home. 

Creating Awareness: Part 2

 I would much rather have a world full of educated people, even if that means answering the same questions everyday, than a world full of people that hurt my heart due to their ignorance. My heart is to spread awareness and education. Below you will find the continuation of last week’s post and some answers to some more frequently asked questions.