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As we move into the Thanksgiving and Christmas Season, these are some of the things I’m most thankful for... 

This Guy. He encourages me like no one else. He believes in me when I don’t. He is patient, kind, and full of wisdom. He is a man after God’s heart and is a shining example of Jesus’ love to every person and animal he meets. His voice is powerful and He’s going to one day change the world! I’m thankful that I get to call him mine and do life with him every single day.

Jesus. The reason for the season. The one who saved my soul. The one who made me realize I wasn’t born a mistake and instead that I was destined for glory. Thank You. (Painting By Akiana

Community. I’m combining friends and family into one. My life is so full, thanks to all of the people that are in it. Even as an introvert, my heart overflows every time I get a dose of one of you. You bring encouragement and a strength without even trying. 


My Job. The children. The testimonies. The team that I work with everyday. The influence Iris Global has all over the world. These people make administration fun.

Grace in the Journey. I’m thankful that I had the desire to start one day and the desire to continue, even when it's hard. I'm thankful for the grace I receive on days that I don’t do so well. I’m thankful that there is grace no matter what, whether I eat lots of spinach or lots of chocolate. I’m thankful that every step forward is considered success. Everyday I get off the couch, I am winning. Grace is enough.

I’m thankful for little shopping carts.

For Excellent Coffee and Company.

And for upcoming vacations on the beach. 


What are you most thankful for?!

Here’s to thankfulness this season! Cheers!

Be Brave.

Be Brave.

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Do's & Don'ts